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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  September 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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welcome back to nhk "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. here's a look at our headlines. south korea on the alert. officials say pyongyang is ready for another nuclear test. going for gold, japan's bocce team is going to be gold
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for the first time in olympic history. 15 years on, americans have gathered at the site of the september 11th terror attacks to honor the thousands of victims. south korea's government is warning its neighbor may carry out another nuclear test. following its fifth on friday. the spokesperson for south korea's defense ministry revealed that the north is always ready. >> translator: authorities estimate that north korea is fully equipped to carry out extra nuclear experiments in the future. >> north korea has used the same site for all of its tests. moon said a new test could be conducted in part of the tunnel used in last week's test or one that has not yet been used. >> translator: south korean military is thoroughly preparing for the worst-case scenario. that north korea does in fact own a nuclear weapon. >> the south korean government plans to hold more joint military drills with the u.s.
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they will happen over six days in october off the west coast of the korean peninsula. officials hope it will be a sufficient countermeasure. the japanese government is also keeping a close eye on pyongyang. prime minister shinzo abe spoke monday before senior officers of the self-defense forces. he expressed concerns of the country developing methods to develop explosive devices. >> translator: they launched ballistic missiles last month and this month that fell in the waters of our exclusive economic zone. it is an unprecedented situation. >> he also says north korea conducting two nuclear tests in nine months is intolerable. in another response to the test, a senior u.s. diplomat says washington could work with tokyo to coordinate further sanctions. song kim came to tokyo to meet with kenji kanasugi at japan's foreign ministry.
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they discussed how they could work together to strengthen sanctions both through the u.n. security council and independently. kim said they talked about many possibilities, including joint action with south korea. >> good morning. we'll be looking at any unilateral measures as well as bilateral measures as well as possible trilateral cooperation in response to the provocative and unacceptable behavior by the north koreans. >> the u.s. envoy will hold talks with south korean diplomats in seoul on tuesday. meanwhile, north korean foreign ministerry ri yong ho is on his way to new york to attend the u.n. general assembly. he is expected to defend his country's latest nuclear tests. he flew to japan for an overnight stop. he will be making his debut at the foreign assembly. he became foreign minister in may.
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he's expected to argue the nuclear test is a countermeasure against a nuclear threat posed by the united states. he's also likely to stress that north korea will continue its missile and nuclear programs. china and russia are putting on a show of strength in the south china sea, staging joint naval exercises for the first time in the contested waters. they'll include missile destroyers, subma rooens, patrol aircraft. they've practice seizing an island from enemy forces and take part in anti-submarine exercises and live-fire drills. a chinese spokesperson said the exercises were the most realistic war games the countries had ever staged. the drills could heighten tensions with the united states, japan and other countries. washington and tokyo have been pressing beijing to accept a
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ruling by an international tribunal. the court dismissed beijing's claim to most of the south china sea. moving on to business news. asian shares saw steep declines on monday. for details and other headlines, gene otani joins us from our business desk. >> tokyo stocks tumbled, following sharp declines on wall street on friday. the u.s. central banks shouldn't wait too long to raise rates, we have more from the tokyo stock exchange. >> it wasn't just a possible earlier-than-expected rate hike, lower oil prices also dragged down shares. the nikkei lost 1.7%, ending at 16,672. the lowest scloes in two weeks. the border topix fell 1.5%. major indices for crude futures extended last week's losses.
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u.s. producers have increased drilling adding concerns to the oversupply. we can see that the lower oil prices have hit commodity-related shares. the basic materials sector was the largest drag on the benchmark. steel makers like jfe holdings ended lower. on the flip side, insurance daiichi life insurance and t & d holdings, gained on expectations that investments abroad would yield higher returns. we're liking to see further volatility ahead of the federal reserve meeting. the boj policy meeting is coming up next week. i'm reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. stocks and other borses in the asia-pacific region also fell. many investors worried about money flowing out of emerging markets if the u.s. raises rates. in china, the shanghai composite
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ended down by 1.85%. energy and resource related shares dragged down the index to a one-month low, hong kong's hang seng index tumbling, finishing by 23,290, the sharpest one-day fall in months. the seoul kospi was worried that samsung's recall of phones would hurt company profits. finishing at a two-month low, samsung electrics plunged on concerns of the recalls of its new smartphone would hurt company profits. u.s. electric carmaker tesla motors is rolling out an electric suv this week. it runs 542 kilometers on a single charge. tells la is trying to make a dent in the japanese market
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where electric vehicles are smaller and run object a lower charge. it will cost $160, it's self-driving, tesla is trying to improve the safety of the technology after a fatal crash of one of its vehicles in the u.s. in may. tesla japan president says the auto pilot system is still not perfect. he asked that drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times. to yourists m may soon be ae to get around tokyo's port areas by boat while taking in spectacular waterfront views. metropopolitan officials have launched a new set of boat services on a trial basis. part of efforts appealing to the visitors ahead of the 2020 olympics. the boats will operate several times day on three routes, one service links an area close to tokyo's airport. another route offers passengers
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night views of the waterfront. >> translator: the ocean breeze is really nice. >> translator: i hope this livens up the waterfront. the program runs until december. the city hall officials will collect ideas and opinions from people before launching regular services. fishing for a delicacy is under way. the season's first haul of red snow crab has arrived in a port in western japan. three boats returned on monday with just over 30 tons of catch. fishing for red snow crab is banned in july and august to prevent the depletion of stocks. the port is known as the top handler of crab in japan. the first auction kicked off after a ceremony at the wharf.
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the price for 30 kilogram crates range from $90 to $400. that's about 20% more than in previous years. the head of a crab fishing association says the series of storms have delayed the season's first catch. he says fishermen hope to deliver lots of delicious crabs to people's dinner tables. here's a look at some other business stories we're following. the new timetable in japan for recruiting u uversity graduates will continue. next year japan business federation chairman said they'll start holding meetings to explain their business to third-year students in march. interviews with seniors will start in june. in the previous year job interviews with fourth-year students began in august. the president said the new timetable has helped students avoid job hunting during the hot summer months.
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machinenery orders in july rose for the second straight month in japan. they were 4.9% higher compared to june. economists at the cabinet office have upgraded their assessment from orders are at a standstill to picking up. they predict orders for cacapital investment will likel remain firm during the three months through september. time to take a look at our global economic calendar. on tuesday, china's key monthly it data from august, including retail sales and industrial production. on thursday, boe policy decision. in the previous meeting, the they cut the rate to .25%. the same day u.s. government officials release retail sales for august, july showed flat growth from june. and on friday, a key inflation gauge comes out in the u.s., the consumer price index
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for july stood flat. the core cpi excluding food and energy rose 0.1%. and every monday we ask specials to share their perspective on the coming week. in this edition of expert view, we hear from the chief of japan foreign exchange and equity strategist for bank of america merrill lynch. we asked him about the upcoming cpi, a key number for the federal reserve when deciding monetary policy. >> i think the focus will be core cpi and we're expecting this measure to rise 0.2% month over month and 2.3% year over year. the u.s. prices have been improving, only gradually. we're expecting u.s. inflation to peak up in the coming month and years. the levelwise, it's going to be
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at low level relative to the historical standard. so we are e expecting gradualal acceleration in inflation, but it's going to be only gradual. >> yamada is skeptical about a move by the fed to raise rates. and weak inflation is not the only reason. >> so i think this year we have seen three things. strong jobs market. somewhat weak gdp and stable low inflation. however, for august, nonfarm payroll was weaker than expected. so i think generally speaking policy makers are not confident yet to raise interest rates. they will probably want to watch the next two, three month of data. to be confident about interest rate hikes. so our expectation is september is too early and we are expecting the federal reserve to raise interest rates in
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december. >> and you can catch our report again online. together with a full transcript, look for nhk world and business wrap. that's a look at business news, i'm going to leave you with the markets. ♪ ♪ in the rio para-olympics, japan's athletes have yet to win a gold medal, but in the sport
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of boccia, its team is close to reaching gold for the first time ever. boccia is a sport unique to the paralympics. athletes with cerebral palsy or related neurological conditions. competitors throw colored balls as close as possible to the target, a white ball. japan and portugal faced off against each other in the semifinals. japan's ace hirose made a tactical throw and japan beat portugal, 8-5. they'll face the best team, thailand, on monday. in men's singles wheelchair tennis, japanese champion shingo kunieda is aiming for his third consecutive title. he overpowered brazil's daniel rodrigues, 2-0.
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>> in women's singles wheelchair tennis, yui kamiji overwhelmed chilean macarena cabrillana. in the quarterfinals kamiji will face marjolein buis in the finals. the inteternational paralympic committee is investitigating wh the algerian women's goalball team failed toppeaear for matches against the u.s. and israel. ipc officials say it could be a form of political protest which is banned at both the olympics and paralympics. >> we're still working with the algerians onon whether they can give us a sensible explanation. >> the ipc later added the athlhletes arriveded in rio ono sunday. the team is scheduled to face japan next. goalball is a sport for the visually impaired. three players on each side try to maneuver a ball with bells inside into the opposing net.
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americans have been honoring victims on the 15th anniversary of a terror attack that shook the world. on the morning of september 11th, 2001, hijackers flew passenger planes into targets on the east coast of the united states. they killed nearly 3,000 people. ♪ o say can you see >> families of the victims and government officials gathered where the world trade towers once stood, now known as ground zero. [ bell toll ] they observed a moment of silence at 8:46 when a plane hit the first tower. relatives read out the names of the victims. ground zero has changed rapidly since the attacks. major development projects are under way, and the american government's new york offices there have now reopened. u.s. president barack obama attended a memorial service at
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the pentagon, another target of the attacks. >> 15 years may seem like a long time, but for the families who lost a piece of their heart that day, i imagine it could seem like just yesterday. >> obama said the nation will never forget the victims and warned of the ongoing threat from the islamic state militant group. he said it won't be able to defeat the united states and that his country won't surrender to fear. 24 japanese nationals were among the victims on that unforgettable day. nhk world followed the father of one of them who has made it his mission to convey the facts of the attacks. >> reporter: this man is 79 years old. he lost his eldest son when the planes slammed into the world trade center 15 years ago.
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yoichi sumiama. >> reporter: he's attended the annual memorial service in new york every year since. >> translator: simple words cannot convey how i field about this. every time i come here all my memories come back to me. >> yoichi was 34 years old and worked as a banker at one of the twin towers. as soon as sumiyamaa heard the news of the attacks, he flew to new york, but there was no trace of his son's whereabouts. his death was not confirmed for six months. sumiyama was devastated. but three years later he found new purpose. he learned that the u.s. government had issued a report on the attacks. and to find out why his son had died, sumiyama beganan to translate it. more than 550 pages in english. sumiyama had only ever studied english in school. but never studied it abroad.
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the report was full of difficult words and sometimes he spent all night figuring o out how to translate just one sentence. >> translator: i w wanted t to the truth. it became my mission. >> reporter: by reading the report sumiyama learned how the hijackers were preparing the attack while pretending to lead normal lives in the united states. the report also revealed the delayed respononse by the e government. as he continued, he began to feel that a terrorist attack is not as extraordinary as one might think and that anybody could become a victim. it took him a total of eight years, but sumiyama finally finished his work on what would have been yoichi's birthday. >> translator: he was 34 years old back then. so he would have been 49 now. i'm amazed to think that my son
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would have been almost 50. >> reporter: in august, sumiyama organized an exhibition by himself.f. his aim was to raise people's awareness of terrorism. he displayed photos and documents he had collected after the attacks. the japanese version of the government report was among them. at the end of ththe report, sumiyama added his own comments. >> t translator: we have to confront radicals, cautiously, but firmly. we must have a clearer undersrstanding that we are livg in such an era. >> reporter: sumiyama says he's convinced that the lessons learned from the incomprehensible attacks must be put into practice. >> translator: i hope people can learn from these tragic deaths so that the lives of those who died won't have been wasted.
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>> reporter: sumiyama warns terrorism is not something that only happens in distant countries, with that in mind, with that in mind, sumiyama will continue his work to help highlight what can be learned from terrorism. and to keep his son's memory alive. nishikawa, nhk world. and aerial survey has confirmed large amounts of coral have been believed around southern japan, the damage being caused by rising sea temperatures. a group conducted a survey by drone on sunday. images show that much o of the coral in the shallows has turnpiked white. it means the algae that gives it its color and supplies nutrition have been lost that can be deadly to the coral. >> translator: i want as many people as possible to know how serious the situation is. i also would like to ask them to
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ask the authorities to take measures to address the problem. >> the phenomenon was discovered this summer in waters off many islands in okinawa prefecture. another tropical system is swirling in the western pacific and it's heading toward land in southeastern asia. our meteorologist jonathan oh has the latest. >> yes, we are talking a about e 14 named storm of the western pacific, and it is continuing to move towardd the west. look at this visible satatellit imagery. i want to showw you this, it is pretty impressive in terms of definition andnd clarity. you may notice in the initial frames, , the way the sun is bouncing 0 of in terms of the light, you can tell thatt these cloudsds are pretty tall which means it's pretty intense towards the center of the storm. the statistics look like this, the stats, west-northwesterly direction at 20 kilometers per hour, packing winds of 180, gusting to 252.
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the pressure is at 920, it's a strong type and we're expecting it to become violent forward in time. here's the track, now it's not expected to make direct lawful. for the next several days. but i do want to point out that those of you located in the northern portion of the philippines and the southern portions of taiwan, you are going to be dealing with heavy rainfall and strong winds and especially for those of you located in taiwan, the northeastern or the right front quadrant of the storm will be brushing past you for the beginning of the w week. that meaeans intense amounts o rainfall with very strong winds. we're eveventually expecting ito imimpact the southeaststern pors of mainland china. i want to popoint out as we go throughout thehe next few days,y the time the sysystem rolls nea taiwan, 400 millimeters of rainfall could falall but rememr there are e mountains in the center of that. some of the e lower lying areas may receive run n off from the
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mountains and that's going to be really something that is going to be a problem when it comes to the flooding concerns. be on the lookout for that. we also have two tropical depressions. one is expected to be a tropical storm as we get closer to vietnam. this is out toward the waters, we keep an eye on this storm, this is likely to become a bit stronger as we go a bit forward in the week. we're seeing a rainy pattern in september over japan. some areas received rain rates of 50 millimeters an hour. we are seeing heavier rainfall. that is going to impact the forecast for tuesday. looking at the forecast for europe, we have been keeping an eye out in the southern balkans and the southern portions of italy from last week. we still see that moisture remaining. that's something you're looking out for the possibility of thunderstorms as you go through the day on monday.
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scandinavian peninsula, still seeingntenense windsds fr a system pushing through and high pressure coming in for a little bit and then another sitm from the atlantic rolling over and bring stronger winds and rain. that's going to be some stronger winds some rain as we go forward closer to tuesday is when we're going to see some rain into the british isles and into the iberian peninsula. rain over moscow, , the rest of the continent looking for sunnier skies. we have a stationary front swinging through the deep south bringing a chance for thunderstorms. some of the thunderstorms could be strong, be on the look out for that. be on the lookout for that. midwest, a cold front is moving through. that's bringinchililly conditions through montana that could bring some snow. especially durining the evenini hours. the cold front will be bringing rain and thunderstorms. some could be strong. highs in the 20s from chicago to new york. 28 in d.c. and rain and showers in the deep south as you go through monday. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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♪ ♪
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molly: welcome to the "france 24 " newsroom. i am molly hall. hillary clinton canceled a cap in stopping california after she falls ill with pneumonia. the diagnosis raises questions about her health and her transparency with the american public. postpones the controversial rerun of its presidential election. the government sites malfunctioning glue as the reason for the delay.


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